Gas and Electric

Gas Meters

I found some of the gas meters and electrical distribution to be quite interesting visually. Some dressed up fancy, some plain.

Electrical System

Street Views

Store Front

This unmarked storefront had this unusual still life in the front display area. I’m sure there is a story. It’s your job to make one up. Good luck!

Shadow View

Sometimes the shadows catch your eye and when that happens, take a photo. Even if it seem mundane, you may find that it tells a story.

Back Doors

Back Door 1

These images are from a recent photo trip to Olympia. We walked around the various alleys and loading areas. There were a mix of levels of graffiti. The downtown area was very much run down and semi-deserted, due to the lack of workers in downtown buildings. The result has been the closure of many retail spaces that made a significant percent of their business from the lunch crowd.

Back Door 2

This was a bit of a puzzle. But I expect that someone left the steel door retracted and the tagging took place.

Back Door 3

My guess on this area is that the owners/tenets make an effort to keep the area freshly painted each time additional tagging takes place. That is one approach. The other is to hire murals painted. This approach works most of the time, and some of the future blog posts show some of the murals of downtown Olympia.

Now Showing

Now Showing

I took a day trip down to Olympia to shoot some street photography. Not my usual style of work, but I thought it would be good practice to take myself out of my ‘comfort zone’. I lived in Olympia for about 25 years. Surprised (a little) at the number of closed businesses due to the pandemic and the general deterioration of the downtown area.

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