Little Birds

Golden Crowned Sparrow

I like to take photos of the little birds. I think the big birds (hawks, eagles, etc) get too much press. It’s easier to get close to a lot of small birds (but not all) and they don’t ask for royalties like some of their more famous kin. These were at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge outside Olympia, WA.

Golden Crowned Kinglet
Black Capped Chickadee

Working is Hard Work … So is Blogging

Working is Hard Work

Just a little random humor here.

Well, sorta. I just recently noticed that I have just passed the 1,000 mark of posts. The number is a little soft, since I built a website with blog posts instead of pages (a rookie mistake). But I started blogging on a regular basis in April 2018. When I began, I was trying to post every day … but it soon became too much of a chore and not just the pleasure of sharing my photos that I was intending. So I switched over to posting every other day and have been happy with that decision (most of the time). It still becomes a chore once in a while.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me over the years. Your enjoyment of the posts is what I shoot for.

Nisqually Delta — Mountains in the Sky

Nisqually Delta — Mountains in the Sky

The Nisqually Delta is outside of Olympia, WA and is home of the Nisqually – Billy Frank, Jr. National Wildlife Reserve. It had been diked, drained and converted to farmland back 100 years ago or so, but the dike was intentionally breached and the interior is now salt marsh and provides home to young salmon. They built a wonderful walkway that runs most of a mile out for viewing birds and other critters. I took this image across to Luhr Beach (the buildings on the water) and the boat ramp. I didn’t notice the mountains visible in the cloud gaps until recently. They are the southeast corner of the Olympic Mountains from about Mount Ellinor to The Brothers.

Reflection Over-The-Top

Reflection Over-The-Top

This reflection caught my eye while kayaking Lake St Clair outside of Olympia, WA. It was pretty bland in color with everything shades of brown and tan. Converted to B&W, though, it became an Op-Art kind of photo.

Moon Jellies

Moon Jellies

I have been looking through my library to find photos related to water. I found this one that shows moon jellyfish in Budd Bay in Olympia, Washington. I liked the reflection of my kayak paddle to give some sense of scale to the cloud of jellies. In the summer, the moon jelly population can explode … a result of stagnate water, I believe.

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