Sunset over Capitol Lake

Sunset over Capitol Lake

Capitol Lake is a man-made lake in Olympia, Washington, designed to reflect the state capitol building on the hillside to the left of this image. I used to frequently walk around the lake and watch nature and people. I was always amazed at the number of people that would be walking and totally oblivious to the incredible skies and cloudscapes.


Sunset Image 1

These are more “found images” … out of my archive folder. All were taken from the deck of my apartment where I was living in Olympia. It was a great location for taking sunset photos.

Sunset Image 2
Sunset Image 3

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

One of the drawbacks of being a bug is that people tend to lump you into groups. For instance, many folks would look at this insect and say it’s a ‘dragonfly’. While a Twelve-spotted skimmer is a type of dragonfly, it’s sorta like seeing a golden-crowned sparrow and just saying ‘it’s a sparrow’. True, but that falls short … not as bad as just calling it a bug or an insect, but still.

Sun Dogs (aka parhelia)

Sun Dog 1

I was asked the difference (visual) between sun bars and sun dogs. My last post showed a sun bar, here are a couple of images of sun dogs. Note that (besides the difference in location) the sun dogs typically show some ‘rainbow’ colors. Both of these are sunsets.

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

I had someone ask what a sun pillar was… as I was replying, another friend said what I was describing was a sun bar.

Either one seems appropriate. But I think I was right…

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