Stone Circle 2

Stone Circle 2 with rainbow

This is another isolated stone circle that we found driving backcountry roads in southwest England (back in August 1999). I liked the double rainbow (the second is very faint) in the background. There were no other folks around and no real signage. Just a stone circle that had been there for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Yellowstone Trip Views

Yellowstone Grizzly

These are just some various shots I took on my last Yellowstone trip. The Grizzly was a long ways away from the road where I was … just a long telephoto lens and some cropping. The moose photo (below) isn’t the best … a little blurry. But it decided that it didn’t like the photo op and hurried off before I could get another shot off.

Yellowstone Moose

There are other views to be had besides the ones in my last few posts that focused on hot springs and buffalo.

Yellow Fawn Lilies

I’m not completely sure that these are Yellow Fawn Lilies … but they look just like what in Washington would be that lily. An advantage to going to Yellowstone early is the spring wildflower show. Very nice.

Grand Teton

If you have a little extra time, one of the day trips worth taking from Yellowstone is getting outside the park and down to Jackson Hole, where you can get an excellent view of the Tetons.

Buffalo in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Buffalo in the Snow

My last post talked about wanting to get back to Yellowstone. One of the dominant species is the Buffalo and Yellowstone has a lot of them. They are used to people enough that they run away from them, but every year there are stories of injuries from folks that thought they just needed to get a little closer for that perfect photo and get charged. (The photo below of the buffalo calf was taken from a boardwalk … with a telephoto lens and then cropped … I wasn’t really very close.) In the bottom photo, the buffalo clearly have the right of way on the highway. You’re lucky if they don’t just start laying down in the road and warming themselves on the pavement.

Buffalo and Steam Rising off a River
Buffalo Calf
Buffalo Traffic Jam

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Hot Mud Spring

It’s been a while since I last went to Yellowstone and it is one of the places I want to get back to. I’m hoping that I can go early or late and avoid the bigger crowds in summer. But it’s a big park and you can usually find a place where there aren’t as many folks. Hard to find solitude without hiking away from the roads … but at least fewer people. These are some of the hot springs that I saw last time I visited.

Mammoth Hot Springs Detail
Hot Springs Detail
Mammoth Hot Springs Detail (2)

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