The Impact of Sunlight on Apparent Air Quality

Looking North

These two images weren’t taken exactly from the same spot at the same time. But it was close. The huge difference in air quality is only apparent, with the direction relative to the sun being the primary difference between the two. The top photo looks across the Strait of Juan de Fuca (note the fog bank) and into the hazy distant view of Vancouver Island. Below looks south towards the Upper Graywolf valley and the Olympic Mountains. Backlighting the haze really makes it stand out.

Looking South

Tree, Mountain, Tree

Tree, Mountain, Tree

Another view from the top of Blue Mountain, this one looking west towards Hurricane Ridge and Mt Angeles (you can see the roadcut running from the right middle of the image across to the left skyline … Hurricane RIdge is just at that point. This is Olympic National Park. Mount Angeles (Port Angeles is at the bottom of the road) is between the two tallest groups of trees. Tree, Mountain, Tree is a pretty typical (and probably trite) photo motif that my friend and I joke about. But it still works.

Constance Pass

View North up the Dungeness River valley

This is the view north from Constance Pass, the divide between the Dosewallips valley and (above) the Dungeness River Valley. You can just make out some of Vancouver Island around the Victoria area across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. This area is mostly in the Buckhorn Wilderness area of the Olympic National Forest, not in the Olympic National Park.

Along the ridge near Constance Pass are a couple of rock shelters (shown below). I haven’t been able to track down their origin. However, they must have provided a welcome windbreak during stormy weather.

Rock Windbreak
View over rock windbreak looking south to The Brothers.

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