Attempted Backpack

Flapjack Lakes Trail Junction

I recently attempted a backpack up the North Fork Skokomish in Olympic National Park. I say attempted because when I got where the road runs through the National Forest land near some private properties, there was a sign notifying folks that the road would be closed the following day for ‘dust control measures’ (meaning they were putting oil on the dirt). Since I was only going for an overnight, that meant I would be stuck in the park unable to go home until they were finished with their oiling job. When the ranger said that the previous year it was closed until 8PM, I decided to do a day hike instead. But it was nice being up there. I went to the Flapjack Lakes trail junction on the North Fork Skokomish trail, had a bite to eat and hiked back.

North Fork Skokomish Trail
Looking Up

Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds 1

I was coming out of an appointment recently and noticed the clouds overhead were mammatus. I have seen mammatus before, but from a distance, not from directly beneath. Good thing I had my cell phone with me.

Mammatus Clouds 2

Lone Pine California Vistas

Lone Pine, California, Vista 1

The town of Lone Pine, California is located along Highway 395 northwest of Death Valley National Park. Lone Pine was a location used in many western movies and some TV shows. It also provides one of the access points for climbing Mt Whitney (the highest point in the continental 48). The image above shows a clearing storm moving right to left across the Sierras. In the distance is just a sliver of Owens Lake (drained to provide water for Los Angeles).

The image below is taken from about the same location, but looking east towards the White Mountains. Lone Pine lies in the valley.

Lone Pine, California, Vista 2

Trees, Sky and Clouds

Trees, Sky and Clouds 1

A final set of images from my visit to Fort Churchill, these showing the line of trees kept alive by the meager waters of the Carson River.

Trees, Sky and Clouds 2

Nevada Skies

Nevada Skies 1

These are more shots from Fort Churchill State Park, Nevada. (see previous post) These images are more about the sky and clouds than the ruins of the old fort. I was lucky enough to visit just as a storm was blowing across the Sierra Nevada … lucky for photography, not so lucky with strong winds blowing dust and dirt.

Nevada Skies 2
Nevada Skies 3

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