Blooms in White


The trillium above were not wild, but in a garden (Kubota Garden in Seattle). Wild varieties typically do not clump like this. But they sure are a nice display … and a wonderful sign that spring is here. Another sign of spring are blossoms on trees as below. I found these in Fort Worden State Park, but I haven’t been able to identify the species of tree. When I have visited in the summer, I don’t see any fruit.


Fishermen’s Terminal

Fishermen’s Terminal (1)

I was recently at the Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle having some fish and chips for dinner. (It’s fresh!!!)

After eating we walked a bit along the docks. It was night and I took a couple photos to see how the cameras would do. One is captured with my cell phone the other with my Nikon Z7ii. There’s not much difference at this magnification … and I was surprised at how well each did, considering it was dark and I was hand holding the camera/phone.

Fishermen’s Terminal (2)

A Bite of the Moon

A Bite of the Moon

I was out walking in a neighborhood that is deeply multicultural. So, I have no idea why this dragon (?) was hung … part of some festival or celebration, I suppose. But when I looked up, it had taken a bite out of the moon and was going back for more.

Lincoln Park Forest View

Lincoln Park Madronas

Besides having a great beach for walking, Lincoln Park in Seattle has wonderful woodland for walking with numerous trails. Even with summer crowds it is possible to find spots that are quiet and secluded.

Lincoln Park Cedar Grove

Lincoln Park Beach Views

Lincoln Park Beach View (1)

Lincoln Park in Seattle is a great place for walking. Decades ago, I lived across the street from it and it sill is a favorite. In the view above, the ferry is the Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth dock at Fauntleroy.

These two shots were taken from the same location. The one below is looking north towards Alki Point.

Lincoln Park Beach View (2)

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