Deer Pests

Deer Pest

Port Townsend has a large deer population. Or, a large population of normal size deer.

This one spends his days hanging out in one of the cemeteries, eating flowers off the graves. And there aren’t any natural predators (except cars) in town, so the population keeps expanding. Hard to see how a natural balance will be established.

I wish it were a sign of Spring…

Siberian Iris

My Siberian Iris is blooming. I’m not exactly sure when it bloomed in the past … I noticed them in January, but this year I pruned back the stems over the summer and the blooms were just barely taller than the old leaves. But regardless, it’s nice to have some blooms in the winter (besides the heather) … even though it is still a long ways to go until Spring.

Big Waves

Big Waves

So, I know that these aren’t really “big waves” … but for this particular location, there isn’t much fetch* to get waves built up. This is downtown Port Townsend and the patio area to the left is the Port Townsend Vineyard’s wine bar. Not many folks enjoying the outdoor seating.

  • Fetch refers to the distance across open water. At least that is how kayakers use the term here locally.

Backlit Marina

Backlit Marina 1

After I took the previous post’s shots of the rainbows, I turned and walked over to the marina. I was looking directly into the sun and took these images of the boats in the marina. I used slightly different post-processing settings and the top image is more contrasty. I like it better than the one below… but when I increased the contrast on that one, it just didn’t work as well.

Backlit Marina 2

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