Lincoln Park Forest View

Lincoln Park Madronas

Besides having a great beach for walking, Lincoln Park in Seattle has wonderful woodland for walking with numerous trails. Even with summer crowds it is possible to find spots that are quiet and secluded.

Lincoln Park Cedar Grove

With and Without


If you notice carefully, these images were taken from the same spot. (I was sitting at a picnic table waiting for a friend) I like both of these … both the one with the young woman who brings something to the image … and the lower image for the lack of people emphasized by the empty picnic table.

You may notice that the closest tree shows up in both.

Kiddies Pool

Kiddies Pool

A pleasant July Saturday afternoon found me spending some time at Volunteer Park in Seattle. It had been years since I had visited … in the ’70’s I had lived nearby and was there frequently. It was nice to see the Kiddies Pool was still used and not completely overrun by hordes of folks. (maybe it would have been more crowded if it had been 10 degrees warmer)

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