Hiking in the Fog

View from the Staircase Rapids Loop Bridge

The clouds frequently hang low over the Olympic Mountains. That is true year around, but in the late autumn, it is almost perpetual. I enjoy watching the clouds move up valley and around the ridges. They add an element of mystery to the landscape. And as long as you are prepared and have good equipment, it’s a good time to enjoy the solitude of a mountain valley.

Two Views

Two Views: Across the river
Two Views: Uphill

These two images were taken the same day in the same spot, from the North Fork Skokomish trail in Olympic National Forest. This is one of my most favorite trails … an old friend that I have visited throughout the years, year-round.

Mossy Limbs

Mossy Limbs

The old saying that moss grows on the north side of trees doesn’t work so well in the rain forest (or the Olympic National Park in general). Nice to have the sun providing some backlighting for this.

North Fork Skokomish

North Fork Skokomish — Staircase Area

There was a little bit of fresh snow … one of the first snows of the season.

A cloudy, misty, late autumn day in Olympic National Park.

North Fork Skokomish Trail — 1.5 mile

Salt Water, Fresh Water

Salt Water

The beach shot was taken at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. The river riffle was taken on the North Fork Skokomish in Olympic National Park from the vehicle bridge at Staircase Campground (bridge open to Park personnel vehicles only).

Water does keep moving, heading to the sea, returning to the land.

Fresh Water

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