Mt Baker from Pt Townsend Waterfront

Mt Baker from Port Townsend Waterfront

Sometimes I take the ferry from Port Townsend across to Coupeville on Whidbey Island just for the ride. And the photo op. This photo of the waterfront with Mt Baker in the distance was taken from the ferry while waiting for the cars/trucks to finish boarding in PT.

Fort Worden Views in Winter

View Looking Southeast

One of my regular exercise routines is walking the trails at Fort Worden. And I’m always carrying a camera … especially if it is sunny in winter. In these images (taken with a Nikon F6 on Portra 400 … except for the bottom image which was taken with an iPhone), the afternoon sun warmed the colors. The image below shows the Point Wilson Lighthouse and just above it, (in the haze) Mount Baker.

View Looking Northeast

The trees below show what happens when you clear cut old growth and trees grow back too close together. They end up being skinny and tall from a lack of sunlight.

Trail Tree View

Dungeness Spit (2)

Mount Baker from Dungeness Spit (looking northeast)

Dungeness Spit State Park is located on the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The views (on clear days) is spectacular and can include views of Mt Baker in the North Cascades plus the northern Olympic Mountains. The Dungeness lighthouse is a 16 mile round trip hike … I’m not sure if they sit offer it, but there used to be an option to stay the night at the lighthouse (bring your own everything).

The Olympic Mountains from Dungeness Spit (looking west)

Mt Baker and Eagle

Mt Baker and Eagle

Another image taken from Marrowstone Island. This one shows Mt Baker in the distance, but also an eagle sitting near the top of the Doug Fir. (Clicking on the image will increase the size and make it easier to spot the eagle) That tree is a regular perch for eagles, who watch for fish swimming by.

Mt Baker and Fog Bank

Mt Baker and Fog Bank

Taken from Marrowstone Island, southeast of Port Townsend. The fog bank is hiding Whidbey Island. The water is the Admiralty Inlet area of Puget Sound. Mt Baker is catching the light of the sunset.

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