Big Rocks

Big Rocks

This big overhanging rock lives along the Staircase Loop Trail (about a 2 mile loop) in the southeast corner of the Olympic National Park. The trail is heavily used, especially in the summer when the campground at Staircase fills up. It’s a great walk through old growth forest without much elevation gain.

I have visited the area year ’round and have wondered if the overhang provides shelter for any critters during inclement weather … besides hikers. I’ve never seen any, but I expect that critters leave when hikers show up.

Fall: Details

Log End: Mosses and Lichens

Just some details of autumn finds. The log end isn’t particularly autumnish … except for the capture date.

Big Leaf Maple Leaf in Autumn

Backlit Mossy Trees

Backlit Mossy Tree

One of the things I enjoy about winter in the Olympics is seeing all the moss on the trees being backlit by sunshine. Of course, being Western Washington (let alone rain forest type environment), there aren’t a lot of days in the late fall or winter when you can get a sunny day. This was shot with my Nikon F6 on Tri-X, so I don’t have a color version for you to compare.

But I really enjoy the backlit, glowing green moss outlining each limb of these big leaf maples.

See below for a look at the trail we were hiking.

Dosewallips Trail – late fall

Alpine Meadows

Bull Elephants Head

These photos are from the Upper Duckabush area of the Olympic National Park. I really liked the Elephants Head … this was the only time I had seen it. Getting low to capture it allowed me to also get the ridgeline in the image, which really gives it a lot of context that would be missing otherwise.

The image below is a more typical mossy streamlet running through the alpine area. I enjoy the rich greens of the various varieties of mosses … a visual feast.

Moss Garden

Mossy Limbs

Mossy Limbs

The old saying that moss grows on the north side of trees doesn’t work so well in the rain forest (or the Olympic National Park in general). Nice to have the sun providing some backlighting for this.

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