Boat Haven Marina

Boat Haven Marina

I was walking around downtown Port Townsend with a new (to me) camera: a Rolleiflex from the early 1950’s. I had just purchased the camera and was checking it out by running a roll of film through it and getting it back from being developed before the time to return the camera ran out (if it had a mechanical problem, for instance). I was shooting Kodak Portra 400 and then converted to black and white in Lightroom Classic. I usually prefer to shoot in color and then convert to B&W because then you can use the color sliders in the software to (for instance) darken the sky. That way I don’t have to carry a bunch of filters around (if I can even find filters for the camera).

Marina Sunset

Marina Sunset

In late November and December, through mid-February, the sun sets behind the Olympic Mountains as seen from Port Townsend. This view looks over the city marina, home of most of the boatbuilding activity in town (one of the larger employer groups … but no single employer comes close to the number of employees of Port Townsend Paper.

Views at the Marina (620 film)

Marina View 1

These photos were taken with a “new camera”: a Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 that a friend gave to me. The camera was made from 1940 to 1954 and it was his mother’s first camera. The Six-20 part of the name reflects the film used. 620 film is currently available as a handrolled option. The 620 film spool is a slightly different size than the more standard 120… but it is close enough to the right size to allow the film to be unwound from a roll of 120 and wound onto a 620 spool (in the dark, of course). Thankfully, there are companies that will do that for you these days. This was Kodak Portra 400.

Shown are views of the Point Wilson Marina in Port Townsend. It is currently under renovation-construction with some dredging and additional work to replace some of the infrastructure. There’s usually lots of boats … so sorta strange to see it empty.

Marina View 2
Marina View 3

Backlit Marina

Backlit Marina 1

After I took the previous post’s shots of the rainbows, I turned and walked over to the marina. I was looking directly into the sun and took these images of the boats in the marina. I used slightly different post-processing settings and the top image is more contrasty. I like it better than the one below… but when I increased the contrast on that one, it just didn’t work as well.

Backlit Marina 2

Point Hudson Marina View

First: None of these are mine. I do kayaking or canoeing. I like sailboats okay, though.

This is the Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend. This is the site of the Wooden Boat Festival … the first weekend after Labor Day. One of the biggest events in town.

Technical note: this is a panorama from two images on 120 film. First time I had tried to combine film images like this. I think I’ll try some more… it seemed to work real well. Even though the camera was hand held.

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