Greedy Little Buggers

Greedy Little Bugger

We’ve been having a cold spell here in the Puget Sound area. Cold enough that the nectar in my hummingbird feeders froze up. So, I’ve been shuttling them inside to thaw them out. Unfortunately, I’ll get one greedy little bugger keeping other hummers away. Even when it’s not feeding, it will perch nearby and chase off any other comers. Seems like an almost human behavior… when you reflect on the behavior of some of the worse examples of those in the news.

Standing Guard
Hogging the Feeder

Rufous Hummer

Rufous Hummer

This little guy was sitting in our apple tree guarding the feeder. We have seen these a few times lately, but they are a lot more shy than the others we had coming regularly … but have since moved on.



This was one of the few times that I have seen two hummingbirds sharing a feeder. The one on the left was pretty nervous about coming in … but was accepted.

  • Camera: Nikon D950
  • Lens: Nikkor 80-400mm set at 400mm
  • ISO 3200 1/320 sec f/9.0


Hummingbird 1
Hummingbird 2
Hummingbird 3

I have a feeder right outside my office window. Only once in a while will a hummer sit on the feeder while I take its picture. This one was particularly unconcerned.

  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 80-400mm set at 400mm

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