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Sleeping Truck

When I visited Haines, Alaska a couple times, I stayed in a small cabin close to the ferry terminal. As I was out for an after-dinner walk, I got this image of an old truck with one of the Alaska ferries in the distance. This is one of the smaller ferries that usually runs between towns, not the larger vessels that make the run from Bellingham, Washington.

The cabin had a number of grouse living in the yard. They were quite tame and I think were looking for handouts. I gave them a copy of my itinerary, but they didn’t seem interested in that type of handout.


Better Than New

Better Than New

I was sitting in line waiting for the ferry and ended up almost next to this trailer. I was with a friend that has a number of travel trailers that he has fixed up … including some from the frame up. I was totally amazed that he didn’t go inquire about this rig. It’s pretty nice. That is a sewing needle below the lettering on the rear window, so I imagined that the owner used it as a mobile sewing center.

Industrial Waterfront

Industrial Waterfront

The weather was changing and there was a lot of mist in the air as I was taking the ferry into Seattle. In the distance, you could see Mt Rainier, but it wasn’t a strong enough picture element to create a focus point. The bridge in the distance is the West Seattle bridge crossing over the Duwamish River… on the left is Harbor Island and some of the cranes used for loading ships (freight and cruise).

(Shot on Tri-X film)

Washington State Ferries

Ferry Arriving in Port Townsend

The ferry system in Washington is primarily in Puget Sound. I always enjoy riding the ferry to go visit friends and family … I’m fortunate that I don’t have to ride one as part of a commute. Occasionally, I will walk on the ferry in Port Townsend and ride over to Whidbey Island and back … a lovely trip on the water. A chance to see an Orca (a very rare treat, usually announced by the Captain).

View from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, looking south down Puget Sound.

Looking Downwind

Looking Downwind

This is a small public beach that sits right in the middle of downtown Port Townsend. There is a small square with tables for people to sit and eat pizza or drink coffee (the two closest options and both of which are excellent). If you click on the photo for the larger version, you will see a board in the lower right corner with the words: “Tell the Truth”. A good recommendation.

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