Valley Views

Valley View 1

A couple of valley views. Number 1 is farmland off the Larry Scott Trail. Number 2 is looking southwest across the Chinese Gardens (there’s no gardens there anymore … refers to their historic location) in Fort Worden State Park.

Valley View 2

Hay Season

Hay Season

This is a view along the Larry Scott Trail south of Port Townsend, WA with new mown hay drying in the sun.

Hay Hay Hey Hey

Hay Hay Hey Hey is taken with my “new” Yashika Mat 124G. I had a 124G but it was stolen out of my truck back in May of 1987. I just got around to replacing it (used, of course) and this was the test roll.

It looks okay to me … Sure shows the Tri-X grain in the sky.

Larry Scott Trail Views

Larry Scott Trail View 1

The Larry Scott Trail runs from the marina in Port Townsend down into the country south of town. Part of the way, it follows an old railway bed. Unfortunately, it dead ends still … but the long range plan is to connect it up to the Discovery Trail and then link it over to the Pacific beaches. That would make a very long, beautiful bike ride. I hope the plan is successful …

Bench on the Larry Scott Trail

Here the Larry Scott Trail (on the right) parallels a driveway.

Abandoned Homestead

Abandoned Homestead

I was driving from Susanville, CA to Klamath Falls, OR and saw this abandoned homestead off the roadway. I’m not sure if the tree is still alive, since it was early in the spring and a fairly high elevation. It is still an active cattle ranch. Hopefully, the family that homesteaded was able to continue ownership.

Sierras and Horses

Sierras and Horses

Heading back to the motel after freezing up at the Bristlecones (it was 39 degrees F with a 20mph wind blowing), we returned down the access road and down to Hwy 395 just outside of the town of Big Pine. I saw some great clouds over the Sierras … and a nice pasture scene in the foreground, so pulled off the side of the road and grabbed the camera.

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