More Autumn Colors (2)

North Fork Skokomish in Autumn

The photo above is taken from the Staircase Loop Bridge across the North Fork Skokomish in Olympic National Park. Below is taken from the Loop Trail about half way between the bridge and the trailhead at Staircase.

The “Staircase Rapids” … North Fork Skokomish

More Autumn Colors

Backlit Big Leaf Maple

These two images are from the Staircase area of Olympic National Park in autumn. I enjoy the autumn hikes when the weather is clear … there aren’t nearly so many people on the trails as in the summer and the yellow of the leaves makes a nice splash of color.

Slate Creek

North Fork Skokomish in Autumn

N Fork Skokomish River in Autumn

This photo is from the bridge crossing the North Fork Skokomish about a mile above the Staircase Trailhead. A lovely spot for lunch. (If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you can see the small group to the right of the two rocks in the foreground.)

North Fork Skokomish Trail in Autumn

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

We have had a wonderful autumn here in Port Townsend, WA … The weather was sunny and clear instead of the usual cloudy and wet. The fall colors lasted much longer than usual and the colors were spectacular.

This was taken with my new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Was trying out the different lenses and I can say that I was pretty impressed with the image quality compared to my older phone.

Mountain View Through Fall Colors

Mountain View Through Fall Colors

The mountain in the distance is a part of the Mt Jupiter ridge (but not the summit), which runs between the Dosewallips and Duckabush rivers in the Olympic Mountains. I was hiking up the Dosewallips when I caught this opening through the trees giving a view of the high country. The higher ridges were already showing some signs of snowfall.

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