Sitting around the Campfire

Sitting around the Campfire

I have backpacked more than I’ve camped out. But when you have back muscle spasms, backpacking just isn’t the best option for comfort. Then camping and dayhiking is a better option. It lets you bring a lot of luxury items like kerosene lamps, camp chairs and maybe a cooler with some adult beverages. Ya make do the best you can.

Three Prune Camp

Trail Sign to Three Prune Camp
Early Breakfast for an Early Start

Three Prune Camp supposedly got it’s name from an early Mountaineers party that camped there with their provisions reduced to 3 prunes. The camp is along a ridge between the North Fork Quinault and the Queets valleys in Olympic National Park. It was seldom visited, but is an excellent camp along the Skyline Trail, which provides dramatic views of the central Olympics from the south. There are more hikers up there these days, but it is still a remote area, a long ways from a trailhead.

Abandoned Campground

Abandoned Picnic Table
The old Dosewallips Campground
Watching the River

After a couple of days of hiking up the valley, we returned to the abandoned Dosewallips Campground on our way back to the trailhead. While the campsites that are close to the river are used fairly frequently, those areas away from the river are overgrown and in a state of decay. The middle photo shows the remains of the road running through the camp … just a trail now.

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