Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Area View

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Area View

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is located in the White Mountains just north of Death Valley National Park. The Bristlecones here include the oldest living trees on the planet. They are only found at about 10,000 ft (3048 m) and above in a few isolated locations. There are a number of nature trails providing paths through the forest … the erosion caused by human presence off the trails results would result in many additional tree losses … natural loss of soil being one of the main causes of Bristlecone mortality. This view is looking SE across the Owens Valley (unseen) towards the Sierra Nevada.

Looking West to the Sierras

Looking Wests to the Sierras

This shot is looking west from the White Mountains (the Bristlecone Pine area) towards the Sierras in late April. Much earlier and the road up the White Mountains is still closed from snow most years. Elevation here is over 10,000 feet.

Tree Shadows

Single Track Road
Tree Lines

The road is in the hills southwest of Chelan, Washington. Once you’re on it, it’s a little hard to find a place to turn around. So, I just kept going. I ended up in an area that had been involved in a fire in the last year or so… and the shadows crossing the road were dramatic.

Nevada Desert

Nevada Desert Road

This area is just a few miles from Reno … if you drive in the right direction. Driving in the ‘wrong’ direction will put you through miles of sprawl.

Resident of the Nevada Desert

This is a Regal Horned Lizard that I was lucky enough to spot along the roadway when it moved. Otherwise, it is so wonderfully camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding surface, I probably would have missed it.

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