Out on the Bay

Budd Bay, Olympia WA by Allan J Jones Photography
Budd Bay, Olympia WA
Out on the bay
Just me and the gulls, herons and ducks
There is a bit of wind from the south
A little chop on the water, but not much

A  flock of bufflehead since my last visit
seasons change, birds come and go
no loons yet
They will be here when it gets cold

It's quiet on the water and it clears your mind
You can focus on the important things
Keeping the entry splash of the paddle
As gentle as the breeze

The wind picks up...
Each boat is different
As distinctive as fine wine
The best are alive with each wave.

You move with the water
The boat and you as one
Keeping your balance, centered
Following the boat ... The boat knows.

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