Sunset over Capitol Lake

Sunset over Capitol Lake

Capitol Lake is a man-made lake in Olympia, Washington, designed to reflect the state capitol building on the hillside to the left of this image. I used to frequently walk around the lake and watch nature and people. I was always amazed at the number of people that would be walking and totally oblivious to the incredible skies and cloudscapes.


Sunset Image 1

These are more “found images” … out of my archive folder. All were taken from the deck of my apartment where I was living in Olympia. It was a great location for taking sunset photos.

Sunset Image 2
Sunset Image 3

After the Rain

After the Rain

This is a section of the Larry Scott trail outside of Port Townsend, Washington. There had been rain in the morning, but by the time I went out for my walk, it was clear and sunny. The reflection of the sun on the wet trail was brilliant. It was a good time to use some HDR technique. (HDR = High Dynamic Range)

If I had set the exposure to capture the detail on the trail, the shadows would have been totally dark. On the other hand, if I had exposed to capture the details in the shadows, the trail would have been totally blown out and over-exposed. The solution is to take multiple photos with variation in exposure and combine them. I did this in Lightroom, although there are other software options.

Sunset From Blue Mountain

Sunset from Blue Mountain

The summit of Blue Mountain is a short walk above the Deer Park Campground in the Olympic National Park. Many locals will regularly visit to enjoy the spectacular sunsets … the Strait of Juan De Fuca is below to the right of this image.

Sun Dogs (aka parhelia)

Sun Dog 1

I was asked the difference (visual) between sun bars and sun dogs. My last post showed a sun bar, here are a couple of images of sun dogs. Note that (besides the difference in location) the sun dogs typically show some ‘rainbow’ colors. Both of these are sunsets.

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