Madeline Creek

Madeline Creek

Madeline Creek is a tributary of the North Fork Skokomish river in the Olympic National Park. It’s pretty typical of small creeks in this area… clogged with logs and such. The shadows and hiding areas provided by the logs and such are great for providing hiding areas for small fish and other water critters.

Also notice the ferns growing on the face of the rock on the right stream bank. That’s also typical of the area.

I took this from a nice bridge only a couple years old … and only one tree had crashed into it, so far. (see below)

Madeline Creek Bridge

Before/After Single Stringer Bridge

The Old Bridge

I have often posted images of the trail up the North Fork Skokomish … or showed images of the area. I was going through photos and found this nice pair of photos about 5 miles up the trail, where it crosses a small creek. A National Park crew was installing a new bridge. With hand rails on BOTH sides! Quite nice.

The New Bridge

Lowland Woods

Nurse Stump

As much as I enjoy the high country, this time of year there just isn’t much access available in the Olympics. So it’s the lowlands. There are plenty of good hikes that are (mostly) snow-free all year, with pleasant views and interesting features. This trail runs out of Dosewallips State Park on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula. The Nurse Stump was amazing and the small creek provided a wonderful sound track.

Small Creek, Dosewallips State Park

More Autumn Colors

Backlit Big Leaf Maple

These two images are from the Staircase area of Olympic National Park in autumn. I enjoy the autumn hikes when the weather is clear … there aren’t nearly so many people on the trails as in the summer and the yellow of the leaves makes a nice splash of color.

Slate Creek

Unnamed Stream with Waterfall

Unnamed Falls

This lovely little falls is located on the Constance Pass trail in the Olympic National Park. There are so many of these falls scattered throughout the park that most have no names. This stream is an unnamed tributary to Sunny Brook.

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