Big Waves

Big Waves

So, I know that these aren’t really “big waves” … but for this particular location, there isn’t much fetch* to get waves built up. This is downtown Port Townsend and the patio area to the left is the Port Townsend Vineyard’s wine bar. Not many folks enjoying the outdoor seating.

  • Fetch refers to the distance across open water. At least that is how kayakers use the term here locally.

Donner Pass Rock Work

Rock wall for railroad
Rock wall detail
Upland Rock

Donner Pass is on Interstate 80 between Reno and Sacramento. The impressive rockwork is the old railroad grade, built by Chinese workers with construction finalized in 1868. From the look of the rock in the surroundings, they collected a lot of the rock they used from the wall locally.

Rock Wall

Rock Wall

This was near the summit of Donner Pass in California. It was built by the railroad workers to get gold across the Sierras to the Sacramento area, and then on to the Bay area.

  • Camera: Nikon D200
  • Lens: 55-200mm set at 112mm
  • ISO 100 1/90 sec f/4.8

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