Saying Goodbye to 2021

Beach at Kalaloch

The sun is setting on 2021 … and can’t say I’m all that unhappy about saying goodbye. Political craziness, pandemic restrictions, loss of loved ones, and the list goes on. Not that there weren’t good times… but here’s hoping that 2022 raises the bar a little bit on the ratio of good/bad.

For all those who follow my blog (and especially those who ‘like’ or make comments), I am grateful for your encouragement and support. Thank you!

First Beach Walk

First Beach Walk

I thought this image captured some of the wonder and joy of a first walk at the beach. Some of my earliest memories are being at the beach with my family. We lived close to the beach until I was 6 … and went razor clam digging on a regular basis.

Beach Views

Beach View I
Beach View II

An Olympic beach is one of my favorite places to “watch the weather come in”. This one is Kalaloch. Quite remote, but popular. A nice place to visit in the winter when the crowds are diminished.

Sunset at Kalaloch

Sunset at Kalaloch

Kalaloch is one of the beach sections of Olympic National Park. It’s a great place for catching sunsets (but a long ways from anywhere else). These shore pines are in front of the row of beach cottages that are available for rent. The (small, cozy with a great view) restaurant has good food, but expect the higher prices that come with a National Park resort in a remote location.

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