Flowers (yellow and purple)

Wild Growing Daffodils

There are lots of wild growing daffodils in and around Port Townsend, WA. One reason is that they are one of the flowers that the deer (and there are a LOT of deer in Port Townsend) leave them alone (apparently they are poisonous to deer). The image above was taken at Fort Worden State Park, the one below was at Kubota Garden in Seattle.

Magnolia bud

Flowers (Red)

Flowers (Red) 1

These images were both taken at Kubota Gardens in Seattle at the first of April. That is a little early for Rhododendrons (below) and a little late late for camellias (above). Of course, it depends on the variety, and the weather conditions. But I was pleased to see the Rhody…. a real sign of Spring.

Flowers (Red) 2

Blooms in White


The trillium above were not wild, but in a garden (Kubota Garden in Seattle). Wild varieties typically do not clump like this. But they sure are a nice display … and a wonderful sign that spring is here. Another sign of spring are blossoms on trees as below. I found these in Fort Worden State Park, but I haven’t been able to identify the species of tree. When I have visited in the summer, I don’t see any fruit.


Apple Harvest Time

Apple Harvest Time

I’m not sure what variety these are, but the tree is growing in my garden. I picked just after I took the photo. Should have been picked earlier … they were a little past prime and starting to get soft.

Lupine in Leavenworth

Lupine in Leavenworth

I recently drove over to Leavenworth (Washington) to meet a group of friends for a little reunion. Leavenworth is a Bavarian-themed town just on the east side of Steven’s Pass over the North-Central Cascades. We stayed at a the Icicle Village Resort and had a great time reminiscing and laughing. We had a couple hours where we were free to wander the town, shopping, eating or taking photos. I found this nice patch of lupine … a little crop job and you can’t even see the miniature golf course just beside it.

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