Fishing Trip

Cutthroat Trout

Earlier in my hiking life, I carried a fishing pole fairly often. One of the best trips I had was up into the Pasayten Wilderness in north central Washington. It was fairly lightly visited at the time and the fishing was good. I feel a little bit guilty now that I have changed my view on fishing (if I do any, it’s catch and release).

But on this trip the fish were biting as were the black flies. Using a black fly, the fish were striking fast and hard. We cooked the fish over our wood fire. just delicious.


Salmon Jumping

Salmon Jumping Tumwater Falls Park by Allan J Jones Photography
Salmon Jumping at Tumwater Falls Park

If you go back a few blog posts, you will see a school of salmon below Capitol Lake. (Fall Salmon Run) Once they get up the fish ladder at the dam (not much of a challenge), they move through Capitol Lake and up the Deschutes River… a distance of about a mile or so.

At that point, their passage is blocked by Tumwater Falls (see an Olympia Beer Label for a drawing of the falls, because “It’s the Water”) … and they move through a fish ladder, some rapids, and into the hatchery.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Zeiss Milvus 135mm
ISO 1000    1/250 sec    f/13


Fall Salmon Run

Deschutes River (WA) salmon run by Allan J Jones photography
Descutes River (WA) Salmon Run

August 27, 2018

These are salmon waiting below the dam into Capitol Lake (Olympia, WA) to make their run up the Deschutes River. A nice group of fish… In the lower right corner you can see a fish half out of the water … a couple others are partially out elsewhere.

There were  herons, gulls and a harbor seal or two around ….

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 105mm
ISO: 200    1/125 sec   f/5.6

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