Mt Baker from Pt Townsend Waterfront

Mt Baker from Port Townsend Waterfront

Sometimes I take the ferry from Port Townsend across to Coupeville on Whidbey Island just for the ride. And the photo op. This photo of the waterfront with Mt Baker in the distance was taken from the ferry while waiting for the cars/trucks to finish boarding in PT.

More Alaska Images

Sleeping Truck

When I visited Haines, Alaska a couple times, I stayed in a small cabin close to the ferry terminal. As I was out for an after-dinner walk, I got this image of an old truck with one of the Alaska ferries in the distance. This is one of the smaller ferries that usually runs between towns, not the larger vessels that make the run from Bellingham, Washington.

The cabin had a number of grouse living in the yard. They were quite tame and I think were looking for handouts. I gave them a copy of my itinerary, but they didn’t seem interested in that type of handout.


Mountains from the Alaska Ferry – 2

Mountains from the Alaska Ferry 1

Further down Lynn Canal from my previous post (same trip on the Alaska ferry), these images caught my eye while doing some organizing and re-processing. The sunset was pretty spectacular. These were taken about 30 minutes apart.

Mountains from the Alaska Ferry 2

Mountains from the Alaska Ferry – 1

Mountain Valley 1

These images were taken from the Alaska ferry between Haines and Juneau. Much closer to Haines than Juneau. They were taken with not much zoom (160mm) and they are almost at sea level. It was mid-September and the first snow of the season had already fallen.

Mountain Vally 2

Better Than New

Better Than New

I was sitting in line waiting for the ferry and ended up almost next to this trailer. I was with a friend that has a number of travel trailers that he has fixed up … including some from the frame up. I was totally amazed that he didn’t go inquire about this rig. It’s pretty nice. That is a sewing needle below the lettering on the rear window, so I imagined that the owner used it as a mobile sewing center.

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