Flowers with a Coincidence

Larry Scott Trail flowers

Those of you who have followed this blog (and maybe even read my ramblings) know that I have shared several images of the bouquets that are posted (!) along the Larry Scott Trail outside of Port Townsend. It so, here’s another one. The coincidence referred to in the title, is that last month at the Port Townsend Photo Club meeting a new face offered to let people come and take photos on their property … they have a nice bit of well-tended forest and some horses. When I found out where they lived, I asked if they were who shared the bouquets, and they were the back-up flower tender. A nice person doing nice things. Our world needs more of that!

Working is Hard Work … So is Blogging

Working is Hard Work

Just a little random humor here.

Well, sorta. I just recently noticed that I have just passed the 1,000 mark of posts. The number is a little soft, since I built a website with blog posts instead of pages (a rookie mistake). But I started blogging on a regular basis in April 2018. When I began, I was trying to post every day … but it soon became too much of a chore and not just the pleasure of sharing my photos that I was intending. So I switched over to posting every other day and have been happy with that decision (most of the time). It still becomes a chore once in a while.

Thanks to all who have encouraged me over the years. Your enjoyment of the posts is what I shoot for.

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Whoever the nice person is that keeps placing bouquets on this post along the Larry Scott Trail in Port Townsend, WA, I really appreciate the effort. I thought this one was particularly nice, but they get replaced frequently. I wonder if the deer came up and ate the tulips. They sure munch on any that are growing outside my fenced area.

Fenceless Gate

Fenceless Gate

There isn’t a lot of picture on either side of this gate, but it isn’t connected to a fence. It’s just being used to block access to the property behind it and down the horse trail. (the bottom sign caution that there are hazards of being in an area that is frequented by horses … and the risk is not a responsibility of the property owner)

Gate To ???

Gate to ???

Sometimes you get a little behind in the weeding. There is a bunch in my yard that is calling to me… and not very politely, either. But this seems to be a bit extreme. It’s not my yard, I found this along one of my regular walking routes. Not sure the original reason for installing this gate, but it seems to have lost its importance.

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