No Way In (or out)

No Way In (or Out)

This is a side door into the Port Townsend Historical Museum. I thought the missing door knob made an interesting (missing) subject. And the coloring of the paint/dirt was too.

More Views from the Farm

Tools Lined Up

I always enjoy taking photos of tools waiting for (someone else) to use them. These are a couple more photos from Salt Spring Island and my friend’s daughter’s farm.

Skull Decorating a Shed Door


Doors (color)

I really liked the patina that these old doors have developed over time. I had someone tell me that this used to be a mule barn back in the day when Fort Worden State Park was an active military base (over 100 years ago).

Below is another door from Ft Worden, this one on a different building. The stairs to access the doors are gone, but I love the way the boards create such a nice contrasting pattern to the siding.

Door (Black and White)

Just a Little Bit Crooked

Just A Little Bit Crooked

When I took this image into the Lightroom Development Module and was cropping, I REALLY struggled trying to square it up. But when I stepped back a moment, I realized that there just wasn’t anything I could adjust to make everything square. It reflects the old building just the way it was … crooked stairs and all. Sometimes reality just isn’t squared up. This was shot with a Nikon F6 on Kodak Tri-X … so black and white film … so the grain in the image reflects the film grain.

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