The Pull of Gravity

Milky Way from the John Day area of central Oregon by Allan J Jones Photography
The Milky Way from central Oregon
as the mind wanders free
you are pulled by the gravity of this universe
you wander down another pathway
if you get too far away
this world pulls your mind back

while you are wandering one of those other worlds
you can be free
more free than at any other time
but if you fight for that freedom
you can win
and then, you float free

sounds good, up front
but such freedom ...
we haven't been trained in how to use
or experience
such freedom
what then?

some are diagnosed as "insane"
those that have some precognitive framework
people say they are brilliant or buddha
maybe both
just as easy they could have ended up wandering the streets
pushing a shopping cart
growling to themselves

Roam those alternate universes, my friend
just come back when you get pulled

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