Begonias 2

Begonia I

A couple different begonia shots … this time floating in water. The bottom one is another focus stack of 25 images. But frankly, I can’t really tell the difference.

Begonia II

Tea Rose

Tea Rose

The tea rose suffered in one of our recent heat waves and shows a little wear. It’s doing better now, and a lot better than last year (which was the first year after planting).

Day Lilies

Day Lily

I have had Day Lilies before … but this one is a REAL day lily. The blooms are there one day and done the next. Last year it had one bloom … it was a good thing I was home that day. This year there have been several blooms, some with slightly different shades of coloring.

The bottom image is a focus stack of 25 images … processed using HeliconFocus to pull out the in focus part of each image and then combined into a single image file.

Day Lily Focus Stack

Hydrangea and Begonia


More shots taken in the yard. The hydrangea is now a huge bush and taking over the whole corner where it was planted years ago. It seems to like that corner. Last of the flower images, for now.


Glads and Clematis


More flowers in my garden right now. This is the first year for the glads to bloom this well, so really happy about that. The Clematis got dried out in the heat wave in June and surprised me when it came up with a couple more blooms. This one looks like some dry clean only garment that went through the wash.


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